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About us

"Fancy Van Gogh"

For us, Van Gogh is neither just a painter nor a genius artist but a way of life. He is not a frustrating, distracted model but a Symbol of love, humanity and helping fellow human beings. We understood and are promoting him in a different way and unlike a traditional dominant perspective, we would like to have different Van Gogh, a Van Gogh for all.


Alireza's cartoons show that Van Gogh's life was all about beauty and love. It may have had a bitter ending, but it was inspirational for the future. This website is to promote "Fancy Look to the works and life of Van Gogh" where you can smile, enjoy and learn. This platform is a response to your frequent requests and to make Van Gogh's fan happy. A new channel to put you closer to Alireza's cartoons, keep you updated and give you an opportunity to buy what you like! Welcome to our world of Van Gogh.

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